NOIMOA National Staple Goods Purchase Project

Established 2011

Providing Quality Products Throughout The U.S.

Staple Goods 19 Ordering Is Closed

 Keep in touch. We will do it again in Staple Goods 20


Read this explanation of the process provided by New York’s City Coordinator, Brother Barry Muhammad

 “As-Salaam Alaikum. Hope all is well with you and family. Thank you for your Support of the Staple Goods Project. Since 2011 The Ministry of Agriculture has been successful in providing dry goods as well as other products on average twice a year to over 70 cities throughout the country and parts of the Caribbean. Staple Goods 19 features 19 products some produced by the Farm, Believers, and Black owned companies.


Informing Believers and Community what products are available, ordering, collecting funds and sending them to the Farm are the steps each city has to go through. Dr. Ridgely and Sister Anne, after receiving funds from all participants, produce and order all products. When the ordered products arrive at the Farm, they have to be unloaded stored and packaged to be shipped to all participating cities. By the Grace of Allah nearly a quarter million pounds of food will be distributed this Staple Goods Project. If all goes according to schedule, it can take a month and a half to two months to have products in your city. In the different phases of this process there are delays. Products are shipped out to cities in the order funds are received. Out of approximately 75 cities participating in Staple Goods 19, New York will be around 66th to receive products from the Farm.

  Thank you for your support and patience.


COMMUNITIES pooling their resources together.

COLLECTIVE Decision Making.

GROUP Investing and Operational UNITY.

COOPERATIVE ECONOMIC SYSTEM for the purchase and distribution of staple goods.

LEARN AND PRACTICE the principles of Cooperative Economics.