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The Land

“Our 1,556 acre farm in Georgia must be viewed as the catalyst for the development of our sustainable food and fiber production system. Muhammad Farms is situated on a 1,556 acre tract in Southwest Georgia redeemed by Minister Louis Farrakhan in 1994 for the Three Year Economic Program. It is part of a larger 4,500 tract of land which The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad purchased in the 1960’s.

Muhammad Farms stretches 1.45 miles east to west and 2 miles from north to south. To get the size of the farm in perspective, the farm is as long as Central Park in New York City or the Mall in D.C. but three times as wide. It would cover 23 city blocks in one direction and 16 blocks in the other direction. Four college campuses the size of N.C. A&T in Greensboro, N.C. could comfortably fit into its perimeters. Its area would cover 1,400 football fields.”

Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

Farm Managers

Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min and wife, Sister Anne Mu’min Muhammad, currently serving in the capacity of Farm Managers of Muhammad Farms, have contributed for several decades, 20+ years, and continue to contribute to the growth and development of Muhammad Farms. In addition to managing Muhammad Farms, Dr. Ridgely is also a Researcher (Member of The N.O.I. Research Team), Writer, Author of many educational, informative books: “Amen: The Secret Waters Of The Great Pyramid” published 1988; “I Will Not Apologize: The Resurrection of the Master Architect” in 2003; “Commonomics: Developing a Post Yakub Economy” 2009; “Commonomics II: The Sheep, Sheepdog & Evil Shepherd” 2014, to name a few.  (See our Commerce Page to purchase these materials.)

“Dr. Ridgely is also a Value added Food Producer, Vice-President of Black Farmers and Agriculturist Association, BFAA, Nation Builder and determined to develop an Independent Black owned Food Industry. Dr. Ridgely holds an Agricultural Economics Ph.D.

Sister Anne, whom Dr. Ridgely often refers to as his “better two thirds”, assists her husband in the day-to-day management of the farm. She is also a Food Researcher and Recipe Developer, Value added Food Producer, USDA Certified Food Processor, Master Gardener, Grant Writer,  Seamstress, Organizer. Sister Anne has written numerous educational articles, such as “Is Eating Wheat Bad For You?” and more. She is Co-author along with her husband on their Manual for Black Survival “No Farms, No Food” in 2001. President of Staple Goods Project, Inc., President of Georgia Women Community Producers Association (a local community group consisting of Muslim and Christian Black women with a focus on educating their communities on healthy eating, growing some of what we eat, supporting Black farmers and going back into our kitchens to relearn and learn to Cook From Scratch). No doubt by her works, a Nation building M.G.T.! Sister Anne is also working to build a viable Muslim Community at Muhammad Farms and establishing a food processing facility.

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